PoleNow saves three different kinds of data from users

1. Personal data that is typed when the user registers. All data can be seen and edited by the user in the own data page.

2. Training data that is the history of the user's attendance to classes that are used to create reports. This data can be seen by the user in the report page.

3.Audit trail data that a history of all functions done by the user. This data is used in sorting out problem situations. A user can ask for this data from the gym they train at if they so wish.

Removing data: type 1 and 2 data can be removed from the system by asking the gym. Audit trail data is never over four months old and is deleted automatically.

PoleNow does not give or share saved information in any form with third parties. Each gym's data is only in use of the gym in question. They are not shared with outsiders.