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We’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive range of dance poles with platforms, meticulously designed for both seasoned and novice pole dancers who demand nothing but the best.

These aren’t just any dance poles – they’re innovative pieces of equipment that push the boundaries of design and functionality, all to ensure your dance experience is unparalleled. With our Pole with Platform range, we’re revolutionizing the art of pole dancing, bringing the stage right into your personal dance studio or your home.

Imagine having your very own portable stage, allowing you to transform any space into a private dance studio. These professional dance poles with platforms give you the freedom to express your art anywhere and at any time.

Uncompromising in quality, our poles are built from the finest materials that guarantee strength, stability, and longevity. Engineered with precision, they’re designed to provide excellent grip, smooth transitions, and a safe environment for you to explore and push your boundaries.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a fun and innovative way to exercise, a professional pole dancer needing the best equipment for your art, or a beginner wanting to try something new and exciting, our pole with platform category offers you all that and more.

So, what is a pole with platform?

A dance pole with platform is a type of pole dancing equipment designed for both professional and personal use. This product features a pole that extends from a stable platform base, creating a portable stage for pole dancing.

Unlike traditional pole installations that require secure attachment to both floor and ceiling, a pole with a platform only needs a flat surface to be set up. This means you can use it in various settings – inside a dance studio, in your home, or even outdoors for events or performances.

The platform base provides the necessary stability for safe and secure dancing, allowing you to perform all kinds of tricks, spins, and inversions without worrying about the pole shifting or toppling over. The pole itself is typically designed with the same high-quality materials and features as standard dance poles, like chrome or stainless steel construction for optimal grip and durability.

Pole platforms often come in various sizes, allowing for a range of performance styles. Some might also feature additional elements like LED lights or clear acrylic sections for enhanced visual appeal. Whether you’re a professional dancer looking to practice or perform, or a fitness enthusiast wanting a unique and fun way to work out, a pole with platform offers a versatile and convenient solution.

The best pole for dancing with a platform: What to look out for?

Buying a pole with a platform is a significant investment and there are several factors you should consider to ensure you’re choosing a good one. Here’s a breakdown of key aspects to look for:

  • Quality and Durability: The pole and platform should be made from high-grade, durable materials. Stainless steel or chrome are common choices for the pole due to their strength and grip. The platform should be sturdy and able to handle the weight of the user and the intensity of the exercises without wobbling or breaking.
  • Size and adjustability: A good pole with platform will offer adjustable height options to accommodate different ceiling heights and personal preferences. The platform’s size also matters – it should provide enough space for safe and comfortable dancing, but also fit into the area where you plan to use it.
  • Portability: If you plan on moving the pole frequently, consider a model that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Some poles with platforms are designed to be portable, often featuring components that can be broken down for easier transportation.
  • Grip: Different pole finishes offer varying levels of grip. Chrome and stainless steel are common, but some dancers prefer powder-coated or silicone-coated poles for additional grip. Choose according to your comfort and experience level.
  • Safety: Check for safety certifications or standards the product adheres to. Good poles with platforms will have a robust locking system to ensure the pole stays firmly in place during use.
  • Aesthetics: While not as crucial as the other factors, aesthetics can also be important, especially for performers. You might prefer a particular color, finish, or additional features like LED lights.
  • Brand Reputation: Look for brands that are trusted by professionals in the pole dancing industry.

What kinds or types of poles for dancing on the platform

  1. Static Poles: These poles remain stationary during use, providing a stable point of contact for dancers to move around. They are excellent for beginners learning the basics and for certain styles of dance.
  2. Spinning Poles: Spinning poles, also known as rotating poles, turn freely on their axis. This rotation allows dancers to spin with less friction, creating dynamic and fluid movements. It’s often preferred by advanced dancers but can also add variety to any dancer’s routine.
  3. Hybrid Poles: These are versatile models that offer both static and spinning modes. They can be locked in place for static use or unlocked to spin, making them adaptable to different styles and skill levels.
  4. Silicone-coated Poles: These poles are covered in silicone for an increased grip. They are a popular choice for dancers who perform more acrobatic moves, as the added grip provides additional security.
  5. LED Poles: These poles come with integrated LED lights, adding a visual element to the performance. These can often be found in professional settings or for performers who want to add an extra level of spectacle to their routines.
  6. Competition-grade Poles: These are professional-level poles designed to meet specific competition standards. They are typically made from high-quality materials and engineered for optimal performance and safety.

Remember that the best type of pole for you depends on your personal needs, skill level, and style of dancing.

Pros and cons of poles with platforms:

Pros Cons
Portability: Poles with platforms can be assembled and disassembled, making them easy to transport for performances or to move around in your home. Size and Weight: Due to the platform’s addition, these poles are larger and heavier than traditional mounted poles, making them less suitable for small spaces.
No Ceiling Required: Unlike traditional poles, a pole with a platform doesn’t need to be attached to a ceiling, making it more flexible in terms of where it can be used. Stability: While these poles are designed to be stable, they may not be as secure as ceiling-mounted poles, particularly for advanced moves. Always check the manufacturer’s weight and movement limitations.
Performance Space: The platform creates a stage for performances, adding a professional touch whether you’re practicing at home or performing in public. Cost: Poles with platforms are often more expensive than regular poles due to the added materials and engineering required for the platform.
Versatility: They can be used indoors or outdoors, providing a versatile solution for practice and performance. Assembly: Setting up and dismantling the pole and platform may require more time and effort compared to regular poles.
No Permanent Installation: They are a good option for renters or people who don’t want to drill into their ceilings or floors. Floor Damage: Depending on the weight and usage, the platform could potentially cause damage to certain types of flooring. It’s best to use a protective mat or ensure the platform has non-damaging feet.


While we’ve discussed some pros and cons, remember, the perfect pole depends on your personal needs, preferences, and the physical space available to you. A pole with platform offers remarkable flexibility, both in terms of where you can dance and how you can transport your equipment. The built-in stage sets the tone for an enthralling performance, even if you’re the only one in the audience.

At the end of the day, pole dancing is a journey of self-expression, fitness, and skill-building. The right equipment serves as a reliable partner in this journey. That’s why we, at Pole Now, are committed to providing only the best, professional-grade poles.

Feel free to explore our range of poles with platforms, each meticulously designed to ensure durability, stability, and excellent performance. From beginners to seasoned pros, we have something for every pole dancer. So, whether you’re working on your fitness or your next big performance, let our equipment be the trusted companion you need.

Take the leap, embrace the stage, and let the world be your dance floor. It’s time to shine with Pole Now!

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