PoleNow is the only client management solution designed specifically for pole studios

PoleNow allows you to manage your studio with ease. Simple to set up and simple to use, PoleNow makes it easy for you and your staff to manage your customer register, different membership plans, reservations and attendance.
Your clients can easily browse and book classes, or get a spot on the waiting list, either on a laptop or a mobile device.

All-in-one pole dance studio software

PoleNow is a real all-in-one pole dance studio software solution. You can add photos, your studio’s contact info, class descriptions, teacher profiles and news - Eliminating the need for a separate home page.

Our Story

Many studio owners seemed to face the same problems:
Their classes are fully booked... until they are cancelled at the last minute. Studio personnel found it difficult to keep track who actually shows up. There were good intentions to send a notice to all no-shows, but no-one ever had time to actually do it. In short, the owners weren't getting the most out of their studio!

We assembled a team of experts to create a studio management software that would make it easy for studio owners to address these issues.

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