Exotic Pole Dance: An In-Depth Exploration

Exotic pole dance is a captivating fusion of dance, fitness, and art. It beautifully blends athleticism with artistic expression, transporting spectators to a world of gravity-defying feats and sensual rhythm. Despite common misconceptions, this dance form is a discipline that requires immense strength, flexibility, and endurance, as well as an impressive level of artistry.

Defining Exotic Pole Dance

Exotic pole dance, often simply referred to as “pole,” combines elements of gymnastics, ballet, modern dance, and even circus acrobatics. Dancers perform choreographed routines on a vertical pole, showcasing gravity-defying spins, inversions, and holds that require an impressive amount of physical strength and skill. While the dance style can be quite sensuous, it’s also an empowering form of self-expression and a challenging workout.

Pole dancing can take on many styles, from contemporary and lyrical to the exotic style we’re focusing on today, which is often characterized by high heels, intricate floorwork, and sensual movements, all synchronized with the music.

Features of Exotic Dance:

  • It is a combination of pole dance and strip plastics.
  • Exotic choreography consists of graceful steps around the pole, smooth movements, spectacular falls, and, of course, spectacular elements on the pole.
  • It is a mix of exquisite feminine plasticity and forceful performance of acrobatic tricks on the pole.
  • This is a synthesis of acrobatics, endurance, strength and plasticity, grace.
  • Also, special attention is paid to stretching, and flexibility.
  • Characteristic are the movements in the parterre.
  • The training program includes not only working out acrobatic tricks on the pole but also many exercises for the development of body plasticity and sensuality.
  • It is performed in special shoes on a very high platform and heels. 

Main Exotic Pole Moves

The exotic pole dance routine is built on a repertoire of fundamental moves of pole fitness. Beginners often start with basic spins, such as the fireman spin and the front hook spin. Climbing the pole and holding poses like the crucifix also form part of the early training. 

Besides pole movements, exotic choreo also consists of steps and plastic dance moves around and near the pole. These are different rotations, leg, and body waves, hip circles, etc. Floor work is another integral component of exotic dance, with elements like body slides, clockwork, cobra, fan legs, heel clacks, splits, knee spins and turns, hip circles, shoulder rolls, and crawls adding to the dance’s expressive nature. 

Often exotic dancers use acrobatic elements in their dances, such as different shoulder stands, handstands, pole cartwheels, and flips. 

As dancers progress, they learn more advanced moves like inversions – going upside down on the pole. The “Gemini” and the “Scorpio” are popular examples of such moves. 

Exotic Flow

Flow Exotic is a popular form of dance on the pole, the peculiarity of which is a slow and very smooth character of movement and slow rhythm. Elements of plasticity in the dance smoothly pass from one to another. The ratio of pole tricks and choreography is 20% to 80%. Exotic Flow is the most sensual type of pole exotic.

Best Exotic Pole Dancers


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Getting Started in Exotic Pole Dance

Dancing requires certain equipment and spaces. A professional-grade pole, adequate room for movement, dance heels, and suitable attire are necessary. To begin your journey in exotic pole dance, finding a reputable studio with experienced instructors can help develop the necessary strength and flexibility while learning the basic moves safely. You can also try online classes if you want to figure out for starters if you like the activity. 

Reasons to Try Exotic Pole Dance 

Regular exotic pole dance classes allow you to:

  • increase flexibility;
  • develop plasticity of movements;
  • improve posture;
  • improve the relief of the body;
  • improve self-esteem;
  • become more danceable;
  • build charisma.

Pole Wear 

In the world of exotic pole dance, clothing is much more than just a matter of style. It serves a functional purpose as well, aiding dancers in their gravity-defying routines. Selecting the appropriate attire for pole dance involves a balance of comfort, mobility, and safety. 

Typically, exotic pole dancers wear form-fitting, stretchy shorts, and tops, often made from materials like lycra or spandex that allow for free movement and grip on the pole. Skin exposure is not merely for aesthetics, but serves a functional purpose: skin contact with the pole is necessary for many tricks, holds, and spins. The outfits may vary from simple athletic designs to more elaborate and embellished costumes, depending on the dancer’s style and the nature of the performance.

Footwear: High-heeled dance shoes, commonly known as “pole heels” or “pleasers,” are a distinctive element of the exotic pole dance style. These shoes typically feature a platform sole and can range from 5 to 8 inches in height, or even higher. Dancing in such high heels helps accentuate the dancer’s lines, add to the overall aesthetic, and challenge the dancer’s balance, increasing the difficulty and effectiveness of the workout. Beginners may start barefoot and gradually transition to heels as their confidence and skill increase.

Accessories: Knee pads are often worn in pole dance, particularly in styles that involve a lot of floor work, to protect the dancer’s knees from bruises and injuries.

Today, there are numerous brands catering to the specific needs of many pole dancers, offering a wide range of pole wear that combines function with fashion. Whether you’re a beginner starting your first class or a seasoned professional preparing for a performance, wearing the right gear can enhance your pole dancing experience. Remember, the goal is to feel comfortable, safe, and confident as you express yourself through this mesmerizing art form.


Exotic pole dance has evolved from its humble beginnings into a globally recognized art form. Whether you’re drawn to the sport for its fitness benefits, artistic expression, or the empowering sense of self it cultivates, there’s no denying the allure of this gravity-defying discipline. It’s a world that challenges and rewards, one that is as beautiful to watch as it is exhilarating to perform. As the world of exotic pole dance continues to grow and evolve, who knows what breathtaking feats we’ll see next?

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